Thank you Thursday

This past weekend, I got news from two relatives about people in their lives who are very ill.

My husband’s sister shared that her husband’s sister, already a widowed Mom of three teenagers, was recently diagnosed with Stage IV glioblastoma.  She had a brain tumor removed six weeks ago, then endured chemotherapy and radiation, and this week began a clinical trial.  The odds are not in her favor, but if prayers, positive thoughts and good wishes count…

The next day, my husband’s brother shared that the thirteen year old daughter of a close friend had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She is currently hospitalized.

Today, I am thankful for good health.

Oh, sure, there are aches and pains galore.  I have family history of some illnesses I dread.  But, for today, I take no medications, have no chronic illnesses, and no undiagnosed symptoms.  My husband is healthy.  My daughter and son and their spouses are healthy. 

I am thankful, indeed.

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  1. I am thankful for good health, a roof over my head, a steady job, and a loving spouse. I am also thankful for the abilty to know that I need to appreciate things in life in order to truly experience them.

    • All good things to acknowledge and be thankful for!


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