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First – thank you for visiting Being Fully Present! It is a source of wonder and joy for me that you are interested in my writing. I hope that you come away feeling that the world is still brimming with possibility – if only we are fully present to that.

I always try to see the upside of life and I hope that comes through in my words. I filter everything through my positive attitude. If a response is appropriate, I always start from a place of compassion and move toward the possibility of peace.

I’ve been married to Ken for over 32 years and we have two fabulous adult kids. Heather and Matthew are very different from each other, but together we all make a pretty dynamic family! I am somewhat biased, but I think my kids and their spouses are among the most interesting people I know. Heather is the founder and President of Geben Communication. Matt is a U.S. Army veteran and pursuing his Master’s Degree in Political Science. Ken and I are also going to become grandparents this year, another positive and exciting event in our lives. My parents were German immigrants and that upbringing certainly influenced me. Dad died of cancer in 2004 and Mom is in the depths of Alzheimer’s.

I work with really passionate people at Progressive Medical, where I am the Executive Vice-President of Client Services. I have a commitment to leadership development in myself and to help new leaders grow into their promise.

I have a leadership and management library of nearly 300 volumes; I love to read and share Aha! moments. The world is full of positive possibilities and books are a great way to be inspired, so you will see many reerences to books in my writing. I am a contributing blogger on the Linked 2 Leadership (L2L) blogazine, published by The Leadership Collaboratory (links on main page), and have also been a guest blogger on Geoff Talbot’s creative blog, Seven Sentences.

I am addicted to the news, especially politics and sports. I miss Oprah, but still record Ellen every day and catch up on the weekends. You’ll see reference to them now and again in my writing. I also have a soft spot for anyone going through a personal crisis – I want to help them see the peace on the other side of the pain.

I don’t know how you found me, but I hope you leave feeling positive and hopeful. Before you go, leave a message for me about my posts – I’d love to be inspired by you! I’ll stay focused on the possibility that you will return and I’ll keep writing. In the meantime, feel free to contact me at beingfullypresent@gmail.com.

El, Being Fully Present

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8 Comments on “About El”

  1. Mark Sanborn Says:

    Thanks for sharing my recent blog, and for your insights and work.

  2. mary frank Says:

    Hi Eleanor!

    I’ve got your business card and was wondering if you were the woman w/her husband and a father on the beach in Monmouth Beach about two weeks ago. Can’t remember where your card came from. We shoot so many things and I gather so many cards and by the time I get to them, sometimes I forget the 5 w’s!
    Mary Frank

  3. El Says:

    Hi, Mary. yes, that was my husband, father-in-law and I! How did your article turn out? I hope you’ll share the link.

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