Today, I am thankful for inspiration that comes from the most unexpected people or places. 

Monday evening, a front line customer service representative from one of my teams sent me a lovely email, sharing a story about a friend of his.  The crux of the story was that while training for a local 5k, the runner learned important life lessons; namely, the difference between “not quitting” and “keeping on.”

The last lines of the story have stuck with me since.  I shared them with all of my teams in this week’s Wednesday Wisdom (weekly quote posting on our internal portal.)  A new co-worker was having a really rough day found some meaning in the quote.  And, here I am, on Thank You Thursday, still thinking about it.

I hope you’ll be thankful to read it, too:

Somehow, in the midst of the struggle of the run itself, something deeper in me focused on an un-lowered bar of measurement.  I didn’t win the race on the road…but something was won in my head and in my heart…

And that something is at the root of hope that what my dreamer’s eye sees will one day be fully and finally realized – bar not lowered an inch. And that is what keeps me keeping on.

Keep on.


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