Regular readers know I love a good quote. As I am always looking for a new way to share inspiration, I recently launched the “LeadingWithLoveWorks” page on Instagram. Every Wednesday I post a new quote, typically relating to the power of and need for love-based leadership. I add a short comment to prompt reflection and, perhaps, growth toward expanding our positive influence as leaders.

Is this a shameless plug?


Is this an opportunity to help yourself stay inspired to be the kind of leader you want to be?


Wednesdays can be really tough. So much has happened already this week. And there is so much more to do. The pressure of all the “stuff” is mounting. How can we stay focused on our mission, values and commitments as leaders?

If you can relate to that feeling, hop over to Instagram and follow LeadingWithLoveWorks. Add a comment about how you are feeling on this Wednesday. Share with your team members. And always remember that leading with love works!

Still not sure? Here is today’s post to ponder:

What is your leadership built on? A positive leader knows that trust, hope, love and encouragement is the strongest foundation to build upon for commitment to team goals. A negative leader chooses fear, threats and a “my way or the highway” attitude to move people toward his/her goals. Which type of leader do you want to be? #LeadWithLove