While at a doctor appointment yesterday, I was placed in a waiting room for about fifteen minutes while my eyes dilated for some testing. As I usually do, I looked around the room, quietly observing the other people waiting. Sitting directly across from me was an elderly couple; I would guess they were in their late seventies.

This couple, in particular, caught my eye because they were very engaged with each other. Most other people were reading magazines or cell phones or just staring ahead, waiting their turn. These two were completely present to each other.

At one point, the gentleman took his cane and tapped the woman’s shoe about five or six times.

“You notice anything?” he asked.

“Sure do, some old coot trying to annoy me!” she responded.

They both laughed and he reached for her hand. She patted his with her other hand.

I couldn’t help but smile. They were so loving. And, in the December of their lives, he was still flirting with her! Life goals, right?

Then, it was their turn to see the doctor. A nurse called them. He struggled a bit to get up, leaning on his cane. She helped, supporting his other arm as he stood.

“Here we are!” said the wife.

“Alive and ready!” said the husband.

“Well, that’s good news!” said the nurse, laughing.

I love that attitude. As I watched them walk off, I wondered where their positivity sprang from.

Food For Thought

So many of us get pulled down by our day-to-day struggles. Aches, pains, frustration, sadness, anger. What would it mean for us if we stayed focused on the notion of being alive and ready? Being filled with gratitude for another new day? Being fully present to each other, to what comes next, to life?

What about you? Are you “alive and ready” today?

Note: The above event happened as the news of the Las Vegas mass shooting was unfolding. It gives me hope to know that while evil exists, there is also much love around us. Be fully present to the goodness in your life.