The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty From Your Employees. Written by Lee Caraher and published by Taylor & Francis, April 2017.

I once worked for someone who strongly believed that once an employee decided to leave the company they were, essentially, persona non grata. This was a great loss in many ways. Rarely did he allow good-bye, good-luck type celebrations to honor the contributions of the individual. He usually did not permit the individual to ever return to employment at the company if their new opportunity didn’t work out as expected. He scoffed at the idea that someone would pursue further career development elsewhere.

The Boomerang Principle details the exact opposite behaviors. Not only is it healthy for organizations to maintain positive relationships with its past employees but, in today’s economy, it is foolish not to. Every single person who interacts with the company has a potential impact on its success; that certainly includes employees who may come and go.

Topics presented include:
  • An overview and history of loyalty in the workplace
  • The intersection of personal and employer branding
  • How creating a culture of return also strengthen the culture your employees stay for
  • The positive impact that thriving Millennials have on Gen Xers and Boomers in the workplace
  • From the employee perspective – how to leave so you can come back
  • A blueprint for creating an alumni club – and the benefits of such a group

Anytime that an employee walks out the door, especially if they have been at the company for six months or more, they take important insights with them. Perhaps it is a unique customer view, or an understanding of systems, or ideas to improve your new hire training, or what the next big thing is in your industry. It behooves an employer to keep an open line to that knowledge and experience. A positive relationship, even when someone leaves, can accomplish that. Just like a boomerang, the positive energy will help bring that person back when you need or want them near.

The workplace continues to change rapidly. This book offers great ideas to help companies successfully adapt.

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Note: An advance copy of this book was provided by the publicist to me at no charge. However, in no way did they impact the content of this review. The opinion expressed here is entirely my own. -EB