Make a choice!

This is not a partisan post; just a list of observations and thoughts to consider.

While watching the presidential candidates over the last year or so I have too often been left just shaking my head in disbelief. While I happen to think there is a clear choice of who would be best to lead us into the future, ALL of the people who chose to run for our country’s highest office have, at times, shown questionable leadership skills.

As we wind down this last week to Election Day, here are just a few leadership truths to think about.

  1. A leader cannot affect change alone.
  2. A leader acknowledges and appreciates the dissenting opinion.
  3. A leader listens more than speaks.
  4. A leader speaks the truth.
  5. A leader encourages followers and other leaders.
  6. A leader shares a positive vision for the future.
  7. A leader partners with other leaders to work toward common goals.
  8. A leader is authentic; the same person in public as in private.
  9. A leader does not shy away from compassion, love and kindness.
  10. A leader is integrious and accountable.

What would you add?

(And, please, make time to VOTE!)

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Photo credit: Voting by League of Women Voters, used with Creative Commons license.