Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference. One of the best things about speaking is being able to attend the rest of the conference. I always come away with pages of notes and inspiration. This year was no different.

The day started with a breakfast honoring Ohio’s Most Powerful and Influential Women. One of the honorees, Bethny Brown, VP of HR at Scotts Miracle Gro was invited to be a featured speaker. While sharing thoughts about her role as a leader, she described it as:

[Leadership is] creating a platform to celebrate the perspectives and strengths of others; to let people shine.

I wrote it down immediately, because it was such a powerful statement. Upon further reflection, the word choice of “creating a platform” is what really stood out for me.

  • A platform is elevated. As someone passionate about elevating emerging leaders, the imagery called out to me.
  • A platform typically supports something else, so it illustrates the idea of leaders supporting their team members.
  • When something is placed on a platform, it is usually given extra attention, sometimes even a literal spotlight. When we elevate our team members and let the spotlight shine on them, they get extra attention and acknowledgment for their contributions.
  • In this political season, a platform is also a series of beliefs, values and commitments. When we create a platform to celebrate others, it’s because we believe in them and we value their contributions. We commit ourselves to their growth and success.

Think about this in your role as a leader. How do you create a platform to celebrate the perspectives and strengths of the people on your team? How do you help them shine?

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Photo credit: “Platform” by Martin L used with Creative Commons license.