The relaunch of BFP this week provides an opportunity to share some thoughts on the Thank You Thursday posts.

I find that living in gratitude helps me maintain a positive attitude.  Being thankful for ordinary daily life events, my many blessings both great and small and even life’s many challenges helps me keep life in balance.  I have not yet encountered a situation in which some reason for gratitude can not be found.

Thank you Thursday makes gratitude intentional; taking a moment to pause, think, observe and be thankful. Feeling gratitude is not enough, however.  Expressing sincere gratitude is what changes the world. Telling someone you noticed, appreciated and are thankful for who they are or something they did creates a positive feeling of gratitude in their consciousness as well as yours, thereby doubling the impact.

My first introduction to the Thank You Thursday initiative came from Ben Lichtenwalner, founder of Modern Servant Leader. His August 5, 2010 post titled Thank-You Thursday (#TYT) offers guidance on who to thank, how to say thank you and guidelines for frequency. After very deliberately engaging in this practice each week, I noticed that gratitude became an active part of my heart and mind.  Before long, I found myself living in a constant state of gratitude.

Together, let’s make today a Thank You Thursday. Consider taking a moment to thank a team member for their contribution to the team’s success, a family member for their love and support, a neighbor for caring about you, or a stranger who stops to help you. If you’re not sure how to start expressing that gratitude, it’s very simple: Thank you for…

Thank You Thursday