Friday evening, my husband and I attended a football scrimmage between two local high schools. As the game went on, we couldn’t help but notice one particular player emphatically walking up and down the sidelines, yelling encouragements to his teammates. He occasionally slapped someone on the back, in the chest or across the helmet. We coudn’t hear his exact words, but he was loud enough that we could hear his booming voice. He was clearly the team’s spirit leader.

We don’t know if that player was a star on the field of play, but he was definitely a star on the sideline. Encouraging the team through challenges and toward the goal is a form of leadership and he was certainly giving it his all!

If you are a leader, you should never forget that everyone needs encouragement. And everyone who receives it – young or old, successful or less-than-successful, unknown or famous – is changed by it. – John C. Maxwell

Every team needs encouragement, whether it’s a team of high school football players or your customer service team at the office. The team might be struggling to move toward the goal or hitting on all cylinders; encouragement helps keep them focused and energized. Take note of who the spirit leader is on your team and be sure that he or she is recognized and encouraged, too.

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