Over the last 21+ years, I’ve worked for three different people. I thought it would be appropriate, before I retire this week, to share a takeaway wisdom from each of them.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. I would much rather have you look at a problem, decide what needs to be done and then do it, even if it turns out to be the wrong thing, than see a problem and do nothing. At least you’ve considered the options carefully and made a decision. That is better than standing by and doing nothing. -Dave Bianconi

Dave shared this with me very early in my time at PMI. He wanted me to learn, to try, to risk, to grow. It also showed his faith in me which boosted my confidence in myself.

Don’t get too high and don’t get too low. It’s like a baseball game. Nine innings is a long time and a lot can happen to change the outcome of the game. -Kevin Banion

Kevin gave me my first opportunity to lead a team. I would get super-excited when something went right and would beat myself up when it didn’t. He taught me to be a little more even-keeled and not take the good or the bad too personally.

All I expect is that you do your work just a little bit better today than you did yesterday and treat each other with respect. -Mike Brandenburg

Isn’t this really the core of what we all want from our team members?  An attitude of continual improvement paired with respect for each other as human beings. Keep doing that and we can’t fail.

One phase of life ends and another begins, but the tidbits will continue here as I reflect on the many lessons I’ve learned over the course of my career.  I hope you’ll come back often! There are some exciting changes coming to Being Fully Present and I’d love to share them with you.

Tuesday Tidbits are weekly messages I send to my leadership team. They are generally short & sweet, often focused on leadership or teamwork, always positive and, hopefully, motivational. I hope you also find some meaning in them.