On April 1st, I started the #100HappyDays challenge, posting a daily photo on Instagram of something that made me feel happy. The point is to notice the little things in everyday life that make us happy. My first two posts were a picture of my cruiser on a nearby bike path on a warm Spring day and colorful artwork created by one of my grandsons.

Already, I’m being more observant about what makes me happy.

Today, I’m thankful for the link between #100HappyDays and #TYT Thank you Thursday.  

It is not always easy to be happy. It is not always easy to live in gratitude. However, the two emotions are absolutely linked.  If we notice what makes us happy, isn’t there a coinciding feeling of gratitude for those things?

Too often, we look for the big things to make us happy – a job promotion, a new home, a fancy meal, an extravagant vacation.  I believe it’s really the little things that make us happiest – a hug, a good book, fresh flowers, an ice cream cone.

What are the little everyday things that make you happy?



What are you thankful for?

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