Authors Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11), Dan Britton and Jimmy Page collaborated and published a book two years ago titled One Word.  They challenged readers to condense their purpose or goals to, you guessed it, one word. Forget resolutions and just focus on a one word truth for your life.  The reflection and focus this brings is reported to be life-changing.

As the new year approached, a second edition of the book was released and Jon has been making appearances and sharing posts to inspire us to claim their one word for 2014. (Watch the video, order the book or download the action plan to learn more.)

Today, I’m thankful for the One Word inspiration.

I’ve had a lot of focus on “being.” Being authentic. Being kind. Being a servant leader. Being thankful. Being healthy. Being a good wife, mother, grandmother, neighbor, employee. Being fully present.

Being doesn’t stand on its own.

A coworker recently told my husband that he thought I was different than I used to be. Different from who I was before our company was sold and my role and purpose in the organization changed.  That made me question my own authenticity.  Is there really a difference in who I’m being?

Upon reflection, I realized that I really needed to look at what I was doing.  Are my actions supporting all those things I claim to be?  And, if not, what does that say about who I am?

My One WordLiving the life I want to live requires both; being and doing.

So, my one word?


What are you doing to make 2014 a great year?  Do you have one word? Add a comment to make it known. Then, come back often and let’s share progress, OK?


What are you thankful for?

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