Here in Central Ohio, we are having a lovely Autumn.  The garden flowers lasted much longer, it seems, than past years. The weather is just now starting to get chilly.  The sunrises have been spectacular of late. There hasn’t been a lot of rain, so the leaves clung to the trees as they turned red, orange and yellow.

Last weekend, my husband and I went for a drive.  We originally planned to drive through the countryside and see the leaves changing.  However, we quickly realized that we were a few days late.  Many leaves had fallen or were at the end of their color.  The view wasn’t exactly what we had hoped for.

Today, I am thankful for detours.

We decided to head off in another direction and ended up at Velvet Ice Cream’s “Ye Olde Mill.”

As the name indicates, there is an old mill on the property. There’s also a water wheel, a pond with scenic grounds, a buckeye tree grove, and ducks, lots of ducks. It was so nice to walk the property, watch the ducks, search for buckeyes, shoot some pictures and simply relax.

And, by the way, there were still plenty of colorful leaves on the trees.


Just a few of the many ducksThe pond - and more ducksYellow Ducks crossing at the mill Red



What are you thankful for?

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