There is a wonderful bike path, part of the Ohio Erie Trail, that my husband and I enjoy riding on four to five days a week. Unfortunately, those opportunities are dwindling as the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler. Before I move to indoor exercise for the winter, I have a special note of gratitude for the Genoa Township Fire Department, located along the trail.

Genoa Township


Today, I am thankful for the spirit of community shared through the drinking water they provide to users of the trail.


Genoa water coolerEveryday, this water cooler sits on the path, filled with icy cold water to help riders, runners and walkers stay hydrated.  Paper cups are provided, along with a trash receptable. No matter what time of day, fresh cold water is available.  Even though we always have water with us in warm weather, even we have stopped occasionally for a drink, knowing that their water will be cold and refreshing.



The firemen/women don’t only care for the human users of the bike path.  There is always a bowl on the ground, also ready with water for the many dogs who are walking their owners.

This is just one little kindness.  But, it is symbolic of the greater community spirit. And, that spirit is something to be thankful for.


What are you thankful for?

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