Sometimes, the misfortune of others serves to remind us of what we have to be thankful for,

Yesterday, one of my sisters-in-law shared a post from a Caring Bridge blog.  The author is the Mom of Hannah, a 14 year old girl fighting cancer.  Hannah is the daughter and only child of my brother-in-law’s childhood friend.  She suffered some siezures while vacationing with her Dad at the Jersey Shore last summer. Within days they learned that Hannah had a brain tumor.  

I’ve spent the last hour or so skimming through some of the 360 updates posted on the site.  Some filled with hope, some with despair.  Some sharing good news, some sharing sadness.

Today, I am especially thankful for healthy children and grandchildren.

The news Hannah’s family received this week is not very good.  The tumor has recently and quickly grown and spread.  The family is not giving up by any means, but recognizes that some difficult decisions may be in the near future.

Tuesday night, Hannah’s Mom wrote:  

“I know Hannah is LOVED by so many people…all we ask is that you continue to pray…for healing, peace, strength…just pray for our sweet Hannah…and for the first time I’m going to ask that you pray for me, her mother, for the strength and guidance I will so desparately need in the coming days, weeks, and months.”

I can’t imagine what it is like for a parent to face having a child so gravely ill.  I don’t know how the parents can muster the strength it must take to remain hopeful and faithful. It would be so hard to be family and friends; what can you do?  What can you say?

There are no words enough.


What are you thankful for?

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