Stained Glass Hearts, Seeing Life From A Broken Perspective, written by Patsy Clairmont and published by Thomas Nelson, Inc. 2011.

At its most basic level, the beauty of a stained glass window comes when light shines from the inside darkness.  The dark colors of broken and fragile glass are transformed to glowing richness; beauty radiates.

So it is with people.

In Stained Glass Hearts, Clairmont shares personal stories, biblical quotes, suggested readings, musical and artistic resources, helping readers see that what may appear to be broken chards of life can actually be put back together to create new beauty.

Clairmont’s background as a Christian women’s inspirational speaker certainly comes through loud and clear.  Each chapter draws in the reader with an everyday life story that is easy to relate to.  However, when the story takes a sad or confusing turn, Clairmont reminds readers they can pull through the brokenness, seek grace and guidance, and transform ugliness into beauty through prayerful faith in God.

I enjoy reading books in which the author takes real life experiences and puts a positive and forward-looking spin on them.  Successfully getting through life’s challenges and tragedies often depends on the attitude with which you choose to approach them.  Clairmont inpires her readers to choose a healing, spiritual, positive approach.  By doing so, a broken life can become a thing of beauty.

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