The Final Summit, A Quest to Find The One Principle That Will Save Humanity, written by Andy Andrews and published by Thomas Nelson.

Plot Summary

David Ponder is thinking about life…and death.  As a 74 year old widower missing his dear wife, he wonders why he should continue living.  A divine visitor then transports Ponder to a place where only he can save humankind from the greed and evil that have overcome civilization.

While challenging the reader to think about the most important and virtuous characteristics of humanity, Andrews takes us on a fantastic journey through history and toward possibility.  The angel Gabriel serves as guide, inviting common man Ponder – and readers – to sit at the table with the greatest leaders and thinkers of the past. Together, we must find the two word answer to this question:

What does humanity need to do, individually and collectively, to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?

Time is running out to save humanity from itself.  The answer to the querstion must be found before it is too late.  Will Winston Churchill help answer the question?  Or, Joan of Arc and Abraham Lincoln?  Perhaps King David or Red Ericson? Maybe George Washington Carver?  Could young Anne Frank hold the key?  Ponder and friends have five chances to correctly answer the question, or…


I completely enjoyed this book.  The narrative moves quickly, the solution seems elusive, and the familiar historical characters come alive as the story unfolds.  As I also tried to solve the two word mystery, Iwas captivated by the ideas and ideals shared by the story’s characters.

In the end, the answer is surprisingly simple.  Read the book to discover what so many great leaders nearly missed.  I invite you to then spend some time reflecting upon the answer; it may change the way you think about your own life’s activities.

I have already shared the book with others, and am looking forward to reading more books written by Andy Andrews, starting with The Traveler’s Gift, where David Ponder is first introduced.  If The Final Summit is any indicator, I am in for pure delight.

Note: I received an advance copy of this book free from the publisher through BookSneeze.  This review is my opinion alone, and was in no way influenced by the author, publisher or BookSneeze.

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