I think I just heard every single one of you say, “Yes!”

Kevin Eikenberry writes a great leadership blog.  In a post from earlier this year about time management, he suggested taking advantage of those extra five minute timeslots we may find ourselves with during the course of a day.

For example, perhaps you had a one hour meeting that ended a few minutes early.  Or, you had a light lunch and got back to your desk sooner than normal.  Maybe, just maybe, you have a day with fewer than normal meetings.

What are you doing when you have an extra five minutes?

Here are some suggestions from Eikenberry’s post:

Do some coaching.  Give some positive feedback – a call, an email, or face to face.

Refocus your efforts.  Review your goals (which means they must be written and with you)

Learn something.  Read an uplifting or educational book or blog post (note from El: Most Tuesday Tidbits take less than five minutes to read and share!)

Make progress on a goal.  Make a phone call  or send an email to further a project (not just a reply to what is in the inbox, but something that will proactively move you towards a goal)

Capitalize on your experiences. Reflect on your day so far – ask yourself what you have learned and what you need to adjust.

Think about what you can accomplish in just five minutes. Then, go do it!  Imagine the possibilities!

Tuesday Tidbits are weekly messages I have been sending to my leadership team for about five years.  They are generally short & sweet, often focused on leadership or teamwork, always positive and hopefully, motivational.  A co-worker recently suggested the Tuesday Tidbit was blog-worthy.  I hope you find some meaning in them.

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