Friday’s Today Show included a segment about spending sometime cleaning out your closets, basements and garages and donating goods to charity.  Not being an animal lover, I never thought about what help animal shelters could use, but this segment provided a great idea.

If you have blankets, sheets, or towels that you no longer use – and maybe aren’t in good enough shape to donate to “human” service organizations, consider your local animal shelter.  They can really use them.

As explains, many animals are frightened when they first arrive at shelters, and often have to sit on cement floors that can be very uncomfortable.  Shelters generally don’t have budget dollars available for soft bedding for the animals.  The site also reports that:

The Compassion Action Institute in New York did a study and determined that shelter animals given blankets and comforters feel more relaxed, happy and secure. Being comfortable in a home-like setting increases their chances of being adopted.

Imagine the possibility of a frightened animal snuggling up in your donated blanket, as it waits for a new home.  Donate your old bed linens and towels today.  Why not make a blanket collection a neighborhood children’s project?  Holiday goodwill can extend to animals, too.  Visit to find a shelter near you.

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Photo from, 2/1/09 post (While you’re there, read about the ranch and vote for them; fabulous organization!)