What is a fully present world?  It means being completely aware of what is happening around us.  It means being entirely engaged when in conversation.  It means not just listening, but understanding.  It means listening fully and then thinking before speaking.  It means not speaking just to talk, but speaking (writing) to communicate.

In a fully present world, we notice the little things.  Anyone can see the forest, but not everyone notices each tree, the moss, the flowers, the birds, the sounds, the smells.  Notice when a leaf falls and a new bloom sprouts.  Take notice with all of your senses and marvel at what you see, feel, touch, smell, taste.

People in a fully present world don’t just show up, but are deeply woven into the fabric of life.  We care about the people around us and share their world.  We reach out to make it a better place.  We learn how we can be a positive influence at all times and not just take up space.  We dispel negativity even in the most trying of circumstances.  It means we lead, we follow, and we are comfortable doing both.

People that are fully present share thoughtful opinions about many issues, large or small.  They share humor when appropriate and kindness in all things.  They are fully present in the truth, and welcome the sharing of additional knowledge based in the same.

Join me in a fully present world.

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