The Bliss Experiment: 28 Days to Personal Transformation by Sean Meshorer. (Atria; May, 2013).

The Bliss ExperimentThe Bliss Experiment is not one of those self-help books you pick up, quickly read, and hope for some immediate life improvement.  It is, however, a thorough and useful guide for readers who are committed to improving their lives and are willing to put some work into it.

The Story. The Science. The Spirit. The Experiment.  These are the four parts that follow the introduction of each chapter in The Bliss Experiment.  The orderly format lends itself well to the concept of a 28 day plan. Each chapter brings the reader a little bit closer to recognizing bliss in daily life.  No matter how small or fleeting the moment of bliss is, being aware of it can change one’s life.

The “story” is typically someone’s real life experience, relating to the chapter topic.  Most of the stories are easy to relate to, and help provide context for each new step of the plan.  The “science” is all about the data, from over 500 scientific studies.  The “spirit” combines spirituality, emotional intelligence, philosophy and consciousness.  It moves beyond the science to find deeper, personal meaning. The “experiment” is application.  The reader is given questions to reflect on and experiences to seek out, all in an effort to learn and grow toward bliss awareness.

I would suggest reading the book twice.  Read it once through without a significant focus on the experiment passage of each chapter.  There is much to learn and reflect on in the story, science and spirit sections.  Then, go back and start over.  The second time through, review each chapter but this time really focus in on the experiment.  You may need one day or several days for each.  Don’t assign a timetable, though. Work through it, learn, grow, then move on. Finding bliss is worth it.

The book also includes Microsoft tags that link to You Tube videos that offer more content, presented by the author himself.  The supplemental videos and other online resources deepen the reader’s experience and opportunity for growth.

For those who struggle to see the good in each day, the lesson in difficult times, the happiness of the ordinary. this book can be life-changing.  For the positive and already optimistic among us, there are new insights and expanded self-awareness to be gained.  The following statement was in the book’s publicity materials and is well-said:

The essential joy of bliss is that the journey becomes self-sustaining and self-reinforcing, and life gets better with each passing day.

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Note: A copy of this book was provided at no cost to me by the publisher.  However, in no other way did the publisher, author, or anyone else influence the above review.