Advice is For Winnerswritten by Raul Valdez-Perez and published by Ganador Press

Advice is For WinnersThe subtitle of this book reads, “How To Get Advice for Better Decisions in Life and Work.”  “How to” is the key phrase.  This is not an easy reading pleasure book.  It is a how-to instruction manual, with practical, step-by-step direction to guide readers through the dos and don’ts of seeking and giving advice.

Mixed into the the many subsections and quote boxes are anecdotal stories from Valdez-Perez’s personal experience, lending real life credibility to his research.  That research combines the cultural, social, intellectual and emotional influences and outcomes of how people seek and give advice.

Although the format makes it a choppy read, considering it more of a reference book helps.  It can be a great resource (think graduation gift) for college students trying to decide on a career path, or a professional thinking about a career change.  There is value for someone contemplating major financial decisions or other potentially life course changing decisions.

If you are about to make a significant decision, read this book first to help you seek out the right advice to make the best decision possible.  If you are a mentor often sought out for advice, reading this book will help you really understand how your advice impacts others and how to help them in the most meaningful way.

Advice Is For Winners can be ordered in hard copy or ebook format from or

Note: A free copy of Advice Is For Winners was provided to me by the publisher.  However, neither the publisher, author, nor anyone else influenced the content of this post.