You know when something catches your eye, and you’re not quite sure why, but you’re just drawn to it? That’s what happened to me last week. I saw this tweet from @MargieClayman:

What a lofty goal, one person trying to get 400,000 people to donate to anything! And, vowing not to blog until that goal is reached? What a statement this person is making!

I wondered who or what in the world this @fugeesfamily could be, to inspire such passion. So, I clicked on the link and it took me to Marjorie Clayman‘s blog, “Social Media, Marketing and Musings,” and specifically to her Oct. 23 post titled, “A Blogging Hiatus Till We Get This Done.”

Before I knew it, I clicked through links to make a $12.00 donation to the Fugee Family!

The Fugee (as in refugee) Family unites children, who have survived war in countries all around the world, through the universal game of soccer. Coach Luma Mufleh has created a safe and structured environment for these children, based in sport, education, family and citizenship. There are expectations – a contract, in fact – of proper manners, attending practice, attended tutoring, attending school and appropriate dress and language. In the last five years, Coach Luma expanded the program’s offerings to include “year round soccer for 86 boys and girls ages 10-18, tutoring and after-school soccer for 50 elementary school children, a private academy serving 36 children and an academic enriching summer camp.”

What’s next for Coach Luma and the Fugee Family? That’s where your $12 gift comes in. (Of course, you can give even more, or donate items on this wish list.)

Coach Luma wants to do even more for these children. She wants to create a Fugee Village. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes money to build a village. I encourage you to learn more about the Fugees and then help Coach Luma’s dream become a reality.

I gave. I hope you will to. Imagine the possibilities!

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