Have you noticed? The seasons are changing. At least, here in Central Ohio they are. The temperatures are cooler, even chilly at night. Summer plants are beginning to fade from their glory. The brown grass is greening again while green leaves are turning brown. The whites and pinks and yellows of garden blooms have morphed into caramel browns and deep reds and golden oranges of the fall harvest.

Today, I am thankful for Autumn.

I’ve noticed flocks of geese flying in formation and I wonder if they are heading south. I’ve seen squirrels scrambling up trees and I wonder if they have an acorn in each cheek, storing away for a snowy day.

On the other hand, I’ve even seen Christmas – yes, Christmas! – decorations in the store already. That almost makes me sad. Is it a sign that we are rushing too quickly through life? Are we missing the opportunity to be fully present to today?

Say good-bye to summer. Don’t hurry into winter. Enjoy Autumn.

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