In Tuesday’s post, I shared that I was going to meet one of my favorite authors yesterday.  I did spend the day listening to and learning from Steve Farber, author of Greater Than Yourself and The Radical Leap Re-energized

Meeting someone who you admire from afar can be a tricky thing.  Does he walk the talk?  When he speaks about leadership, are his views consistent with his writing?  Is his sense of humor in real life what it is in his books?  Steve and I have spoken on the phone a couple of times; would he have the same openness face-to-face?

Today, I am thankful that Steve Farber turned out to be exactly who I thought he would be.

He is passionate about what he calls extreme leadership. Steve believes there is a necessary place for love in business.  He believes in continuous learning. He believes in devoting all you have to help others be great.

Steve also has a wonderful sense of humor. He was moved to tears when sharing a story about his GTY project.  His family is important to him.  Steve is easy to listen to, an engaging speaker; he’s “real.”

I am filled with gratitude that I was able to attend the day long event yesterday at the University of Dayton.  I arrived with anticipation and left with inspiration.   

I begin today with a new sense of what is important to me as a leader and new energy to share it. 

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