Thank you Thursday

Isn’t it great when you suddenly are reminded that something you’ve done, or something you value, has an impact on others?

This morning, one of my team members, from a team that temporarily has two leadership vacancies, came to my office and handed me an envelope. “It’s Thank You Thursday!,” she said. Intrigued, and overwhelmed by the use of that phrase, I accepted the card with great gratitude.

Today, I am thankful for the sentiments expressed in that card.

After she left, I opened the card and read numerous notes of thanks. Some were for what I’ve done during the leadership vacancy. I appreciated each and every one. Far more, though, were expressing gratitude for my recent announcement of their new manager. He is a person familiar to the department, very well-liked, and he will be great in this role.

With the support he already has, I can’t wait to see the magic happen.

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