It’s been an extraordinarily busy couple of months.  My husband and I sold our house and downsized to a condo in a new neighborhood.  I took a painful Algebra class required by my liberal arts college as I continue working towards my degree.  At the office, we’ve been going through numerous organizational changes as our new ownership continues to implement its business philosophies.  Two of my three department manager positions were open for several weeks, leaving the next level leadership and many of the staff in my direct care.

As I now enjoy a couple days off, it is the simple joys I am thankful for.

Giggles and hugs from my grandson.  A good read by my favorite “beach book” author.  Taking photos.  Inspiring conversation with my son and daughter-in-law.  Time to simply relax with my husband.  Eating good meals, taking morning walks, alarm clock free mornings.

Two days off are probably not enough.  I do know, though, that this time will remind me of what “normal” life was like.  And, that it will come again. Thankfully.

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