Thank you Thursday on a Friday?  Why not?

It’s a sign of the times I’m currently living in that my weekly gratitude post is a day late.  But, gratitude isn’t limited to just one day of the week.  Sometimes, life happens. 

Today, I’m thankful for reminders that I can’t control everything – and that’s OK!

Yesterday, someone on my team had to leave the office unexpectedly to take his wife to Urgent Care.  This is someone with a good work ethic, rarely out of office, an all around good team member.  He texted numerous updates – still waiting for doctor, waiting for brace, picking up meds – and each one included an apology for having to leave work.

As I repeatedly asssured him that it was OK and he should just focus on taking care of his wife, I actually used these words, “Not all things in life can be planned…”

And, sometimes, what is planned, must change.  Thank you Thursday isn’t about Thursday.  It’s about living in gratitude.  Everyday.   

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