I have a fantastic team at work. We’re going through a little bit of a challenge right now as two department manager positions are vacant; one resulting from a temporary leave, the other due to a permanent transition. In their absence, supervisors have truly stepped up their game.

Today, I am thankful for people who rise up and conquer challenging times.

These supervisors could shun the extra workload. They could complain about working more hours. They could reject additional responsibility that’s “not their job.” They could be negative, difficult and make everyone around them unhappy.

Instead, the three supervisors are self-motivated and doing excellent work. They are positive, supportive and anxious to do whatever needs to be done. As a result, their teams are focused and getting their work done, too. It’s business as usual across the board.

There’s leadership, teamwork, commitment and all around good people. Aren’t I a lucky one?

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