Tonight is my first game night with the ladies in my new neighborhood.  Actually, it’s my first game night in any neighborhood I’ve ever lived in!  We’re playing Left Right Center, which will be new to me but I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun.  Each person brings their beverage of choice and a snack or dessert. From what I hear, it’s going to be a nice evening of friendly competition, good food and light-hearted conversation.

Today, I am thankful for the warm welcome we’ve been given in our new neighborhood.

There are only thirty-two condos in our litttle neighborhood.  We’re a somewhat isolated circle behind a golf course.  In our first two weeks, five different people stopped by to welcome us and drop off cookies, ice cream cake, muffins, and more.  Several other people have introduced themselves and shared how much they love living there.  We lived in our old neighborhood for six years.  I think I’ve met more people in the first six weeks in our condo than I did in those six years in our last home!

It’s nice to know that there are still friendly, welcoming neighborhoods where people take time for each other.  I hope the next time someone moves in your neighborhood, you’ll take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself.  It really does mean a lot!

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