I almost didn’t publish a post today.  Not for lack of gratitude, but for lack of taking time to be thankful.

It’s been a particularly busy week at work – busy even for busy times!  I’m also going to school and my summer math class is in its final month.  Our professor has decided it’s time to ratchet up the learning; that means investing some serious study time.  For the first time in my life, I’m experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome (read: p-a-i-n) – that’s no fun, trust me!  Yesterday I worked over 15 hours at the office, so I got home way too late to write.  When I woke up this morning, I was too tired to put any meaningful sentences together.  So, no gratitude post.  Would it really mattter?

I was having quite the pity party, wasn’t I?

Today, I am thankful to have such minor life upsets.

Tonight, I once again thought about writing my weekly gratitude post.  In spite of some guilt pangs, I just couldn’t get it going. 

Then, while flipping through my DVR’d shows, I came across last week’s Rock Center and watched a piece about the crisis in Syria.  The story was told about a soldier who gave up his normal life as an air conditioner repairman to become a rebel leader, trying to save the home town of his ancestors.  In retribution, the Syria government fighters have burned down his parents’ home, his grandparents’ home, and the homes of his aunts and uncles.  The end of the piece showed this man fighting back tears, talking about what it would mean to his family to have their homeland back and for his children to be raised in that place.  There was no pity being sought.  There was resolve to fight on.

OK, so I’m a little busy.  I’m a little tired.  I have a little pain.

I have so much to be thankful for. 


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