If you’ve paid attention to international news lately, you know that there is serious conflict happening in Syria.  This conflict has led many Syrians to abandon their homes, seeking refuge in neighboring countries.  Earlier this week, I got the email below from the United Nations Refugee Agency.

I can’t add anything more that would make a difference. Please help. Today.

Dear Eleanor,

We are in urgent need of your support.

As you know, the fighting in Syria is intense, and some 30,000 refugees have already fled in desperation.  More are coming.  They need immediate assistance, and I’m asking you for your immediate and generous support.

Families are pouring over the borders into Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.  They have fled with little more than the clothes on their back, clutching their children and fearing for their lives.  The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is already helping – but I’ve just received an urgent update:

UNHCR needs 2,400 more blankets and other critical supplies like tents and hygiene kits, and they need them now.

They can buy blankets and get them delivered quickly but we must raise the emergency funding to purchase them in the next eight days.  So I ask for your help.

Please donate today to help us buy blankets and other humanitarian assistance for Syrian refugees.

Just $55 will help buy blankets for one refugee family. Click here to access our secure website to make an easy and safe contribution.  And please do it right away – because you might think of the Middle East as being hot and dry, but tonight’s forecast is proof that no child should be sleeping outside without warm covers:

In Lebanon and Jordan, the temperatures will get down to 47ºF/8ºC, and in Turkey it’s even colder – 38ºF/3ºC.

They don’t have homes, they don’t have beds, they don’t have camping gear.  They have hope – hope that you and I will help them.  Please donate today.

Please give generously right away; we must raise the funds for 2,400 blankets in the next eight days. 

Jo Sullivan
Executive Director

 PS:  We must raise the money to provide 2,400 blankets in the next eight days.  Can you please help?  Click here to make a compassionate donation to help a refugee family in urgent need. 

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