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At its most basic level, leadership is influence.  Sometimes, the influence can lead us to a place we don’t want to go.  Have you been sucked in by “The Influence Project” tweets?  I admit, I was curious the first time I saw a tweet that stated “You are more influential than you think,” with a FastCompany link.  Instead of informative content discussing influence, I was disappointed to see it was simply a contest of sorts to see which person could get (read: influence) more people to click on the link.  I felt tricked and annoyed and bypassed all future invitations.  However, my interest was piqued and I wondered what FastCompany was trying to prove with this experiment.  Click HERE for the explanation, provided by Mark Borden in his July 5 article.

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    • Thanks, Kristen. I’m just an “average” social media participant. Thanks for appreciating the perspective! El

  1. Well it seems the average person became disgruntled after giving it a try and quickly realizing they’d been mislead. Who would have thought??

    As a PR person myself, I especially enjoyed the SF Weekly article because it contains a link to the original marketing pitch so you can see the vast differences between the ideas proposed in the pitch and the path that Fast Company took them down. If this simple Twitter idea became so misguided, I can only imagine the carnage that would have resulted if they decided to tackled the pitch’s other ideas.

    Anyways, I’m happy I don’t feel like the only nerd who knows or cares about this situation. Thanks for keeping people like me up to date on this story!



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